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Blasted to Static

Blasted To Static




Dean Guitars

Elivir Strings


Jeff Martin from Racer X returns!

Brace yourself for a vicious onslaught of shredding rock unlike anything you’ve heard in a long time. More explosive than a hailstorm of hand grenades, Blasted to Static delivers a cutting-edge offering that is both refreshingly new, and re-imagines the hallmarks of 80’s guitar histrionics as a sonic hurricane that will blow the roof off.

Headed up by the incendiary vocals of Jeff Martin (Racer X, Badlands, UFO, MSG) - As vocalist on 9 Racer X albums and influencing an entire genre of guitar players, Jeff continues to display his incredible vocal range with Blasted to Static

Fret-melting wizardry of Stu Marshall (Death Dealer, Empires of Eden)

The rhythmic talents of Rev Jones (Michael Schenker, Leslie West, Steelheart) on bass

Session demigod Clay T on drums

Blasted to Static represents an uncompromising and intense odyssey from veterans of the metal scene.

But for all the high-octane, hook-laden riffing mayhem, the band’s versatility also encompasses acoustic elements and more subtle, understated interludes. “We’re embracing an organic approach with this band,” says guitarist Stu Marshall. “Don’t expect music from a single genre -- Blasted to Static is all about full artistic freedom, so you might even hear echoes of Black Sabbath or Queen.”

Recording the debut is now complete for the currently untitled debut album, and tour dates for early 2016 are in the planning stages.

New album out now on
Metalapolis Records


Blasted to Static with guest star Whit Crane from Ugly Kid Joe doing a tribute to Motörhead with 'Ace of Spades'

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